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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ghost-spotting brochure has to be a winner
QT Comment

The stories associated with the ghosts of Rosewood Hotel are fascinating tales. It is no wonder that Councillor David Pahlke, also the publican of the establishment, is keen to promote the yarns associated with his ghosts in a tourist brochure.
There are many other ghost stories attached to historic locations in the Ipswich area. Author Jack Sim has written about them at length.
So the idea of a brochure that shows where tourists can get in their cars and spend some time in the area is certainly a winner.
You have got to hand it to Cr Pahlke on this one.
He has been a prime mover behind promoting the links between Grandchester’s home-grown spy, Sidney Cotton, as the inspiration behind Ian Fleming’s James Bond.
Now he is back with the region’s ghosts. The piano-playing Scottish water ghost of the Rosewood Hotel is certainly a drawcard.


Hotel a top haunt for ghosts
If you’re looking for spirits,
David’s pub’s the place to be

Joel Gould

DAVID Pahlke’s Rosewood Hotel is a magnet for ghosts.
When the QT visited the 98-year-old pub recently we were informed of three apparitions that appear from time to time – an elderly woman, a Negro soldier and a water ghost called Rusty.
Councillor Pahlke also has a wealth of knowledge about ghosts in the region and would like to see an official tourist brochure established that showcases the haunted sights of the area.
He is promoting a tourist route with signs and an established route, a la the Cobb and Co Tourist Drive.

We had a look in room three, where spirits are said to linger. There was no sign of the ghosts on the occasion. QT photographer Dave Nielsen is a vocal sceptic and probably scared the spirits away with his doubts and his beard. But an ex-army veteran, also bearded, was in the room at the time and ushered us in.
We asked if he has encountered the apparitions. “Nah mate. I’m ex-army. We don’t meet ghosts. We make ‘em,” he replied.  
People in the beer garden often see the old woman ghost floating along the veranda at night.
“Psychics who come here see an elderly woman standing on top of the stairs in an old-style black dress and bun hair,” Cr Pahlke Said.

“I’ve got photos of the pub from 1914 and 1922 and she is standing on the front veranda. I’d love to know who she was because she is the dominant spirit here.
“Another spirit is a Negro soldier who was shot dead in the back in the doorway of the front bar in the Second World Was when there was a US munitions dump just outside of town. The clairvoyants have told us that when he died he was thinking of his mother back in America. He’s at piece and doesn’t say a lot, but he’s still here.
“The third one is the water ghost. He’s got red hair, he’s Scottish and they call him Rusty.”
Rusty also plays piano.
“The previous owners reported mysterious wet beds and water dripping off the ceiling,” Cr Pahlke said.

“I had a Gold Coast darts team play here one night and they said, ‘Who was playing the piano early this morning?’ but there was no piano ... and they were sober.
“I had a guy sitting on the veranda and water came pouring through the ceiling at him. Twenty years ago the publican reported taps turning off and on.
“I had a lady stay who writes about UFOs. She had a conversation at an Ipswich bus stop with an elderly lady who recalled her grandfather scaring her with stories of the Rosewood Hotel water ghost. All our ghosts are friendly. Psychics say ghosts like me being here because I’m a social person and they enjoy the noise I generate around myself.

“I’d like to supplement (ghostbuster) Jack Sim’s work with a tourist brochure of the ghosts of Ipswich because there are plenty of ghost stories throughout the region.”

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ghostly story is 'revealed'

Psychic describes grisly scenes at creek
Photo and story courtesy of The Queensland Times
Farmer Wayne Lund sees dead people. No, he isn't crasy - or if he is, he isn't the only one.
He is adamant he has a sixth sense and believes he has discovered the presence of spirits on his Mt Mort property.
It wasn't until this month, when an Ipswich clairvoyant visited the property, that Mr Lund stopped doubting himself.
"Everyone tells me I'm nuts - even my wife," Mr Lund said.
As soon as the psychic, who wishes to remain anonymous, set foot on the property she started trembling and describing the awful fate that she believes met a family on the property in the 1930s.
Clearly disturbed by the images she could see, the clairvoyant claimed a couple, their pregnant daughter and two other young children were murdered.
"Their bodies were dumped. It was horrific," she said.
Mr Lund was shocked and amazed.
"That's exactly what I've seen and written it all down," he told The Queensland Times.
The woman added: "They want to be laid to rest."
The accused? Well, the clairvoyant believes it was a man of Irish descent who roamed the land and had no motive for the slaying.
Mr Lund said every time he went near the creek on his property he became unsettled, as did the hunters and workers who occasionally crossed the section of his paddock.
"I feel like I'm having a heart attacj when I come down here. It's so real and heartbreaking," he said.
"No one likes coming down here. They all come back shaking or saying it gave them the jeebies."
Mr Lund has never felt comfortable sharing his story.
That was until a recent request from Ipswich Councillor David Pahlke printed in The Queensland Times, asking for people who have ghost stories from the Ipswich area to come forward.
"I wanted to and still do want to hear from people who have ghost stories so we can start logging them, researching them and talking about them," Cr Pahlke said.
"Somewhere down the path we might document the ghosts of Ipswich."
"I'm sure there are many more stories like this out there."

If you have any information about Mr Lund's property that may help solve this mystery, or have a ghost story you would like to share, contact Cr Pahlke on 0419 705 376.